Sunday, August 5, 2012

Korukopla: Flower Jewelry Challenge

Today I'm participating in a jewelry challenge with  lovely Finland jewelry artists! :)  It is an honor to be a part of the jewelry challenge: flowers. Thanks to my BSBP6 partner Margareta Saari for allowing me to join in. I enjoyed the theme of flowers very much. Here in the U.S. it is Sunday lunch time, yet I realize now that Finland is about 7 hours ahead. So, I will post my jewelry pictures quickly and then enjoy the sunny afternoon looking at all the other artists' flower jewelry art! You will find a list of the participants here.

I often create flowers with chain maille weaves, but using all beads was new to me. I wasn't sure what I might create -- daisy chain? French flowers? Japanese 12-2 with beads? In a cool syncronicity, I happened to come across a beautiful blog, "Wild roses and blackberries" and discovered two special flower tutorials -- the "Dagger Flower Tutorial" and the "Dagger Flower Drops Tutorial." The flowers are made with Czech daggers, which feel strong as representations of flowers, bittersweet and defined. I have Czech daggers bought on a whim last year, and now the Dagger Flowers and Flower challenge seem to be destiny. My thanks and praise to the artist and author of the tutorials and blog "wild roses and blackberries."

 Instead of Czech drops, I used faceted moonstone in the Dagger Flowers. For the Dagger Drops, I used opalite sticks. Last night, I decided I had to include the pastel drusy quartz from my dear friend Julez Jewels, and I wire wrapped a beautiful drusy stone using German wire. I choose matte white, periwinkle, and rose gold coated copper wire for the pearls, Swarovski rondelles, lace agate, and opalite diamonds and leaves.

The drusy focal can be worn as a component or as a pendant. The spiral at the bottom makes a perfect loop for a dragonfly charm when worn a a pendant. As a component, the drusy brought an element of the ethereal and magical to the flower garden, iridescent and pearlized.

Thank you again for allowing me to create in the Korukopla challenge!

Big Hugs, TJ


Margareta said...

I'm stunned! What a beautiful design with the drusy focal. And the dagger & daggerdrop flowers! I've not seen those before this.
Oh, Rita, you made such a piece of Art <3 Thank you for creating with us :-D

Ninni said...

My God!! This is most excellent!! Very beautiful flowers, unique, What is there NOT to love?!?!? <3 GREAT WORK and welcome to join us again ;)

outiriina said...

so beautiful :) thank you for joining our challenge and thanks for the links, so we can create those daggerflowers and daggerflower drops.

Meke said...

Hello, Rita

What a beautiful way to connect with us! I have not seen dagger beads used this way before. It is like a fresh breeze. I Like both the flowers and the buds. Your wire works are skillfull as well.


P.s. You might notice that in my blog all the members seemed to be missing. The gadget does no work untill You press the word - tästä - from the right upper cornor. (These are the small wonders of modern technology)

Helinä said...

This is so beautiful!

Jaana said...

Beautiful! This is like a wedding jewelry :)

Helmi said...

What a wonderful jewelry! So beautiful and balanced combination of many elements.
I just love it!
Once again, it was so great to have you greating with us :)

Nanti Laa said...

Hi, Rita!
You have done something so beautiful! I'm fascinated! (:
Flowers are so sweet and I just love that colour.
Thank you for joining the challenge, I wish you'll do that again! (:
(Sorry for my bad english..)

marjo said...

Hi Rita ! Beautiful and luxary flowerjewelry ! ..mayby for a bride.. winter bride.. yes, thats it.. <3



suntsa said...

What a great necklace! You have created something very delicate and beautiful.
Thanks for the links of these flower tutorials! They are very useful, I think.

I have looked at some of the older texts, and realized you are a true artist. :)

Marita said...

Hello Rita,

you did it what I did supposed from you♥
This is so beautiful. You are also truly artist.

At once I thinked your and Margareta's soul is so similar.
You both speaks the same language.

I want to thank you also that you shared those network links with us.

Thank you for your beautiful words in my blog♥

Vikki said...

Hi Rita!
This is very beautiful and elegant necklace.
Reminds me of a Finnish winter :)

Maneki said...

Gorgeous necklace! I really like the icy colours and the flowers looks so pretty in this colour. I'm glad my tutorials could be of inspiration to you. Your version of them is beautiful. And thanks for the links to by blog too!

Helmiainen said...

Your work is so unique.

There is so many accurate details, so much to see.

Your necklace is so powerfull but still so delicate.

Thank you for joining the challenge.

JohannaL said...

This jewelry remains me of the Finnish winter, with snow, ice, whiteness... Awesome, I so love your creation, it is just pure art.
So glad that you joined to our challenge, please remember to do it also next month ;)

Askartelin itte said...

Ihana upea koru.

Toltec Jewels for Jewel School Friends said...

Thank you Margareta for your kind words, and thank you all for allowing me to participate! I'm honored.

Toltec Jewels for Jewel School Friends said...

kiitos. Minulla on kunnia olla osa teidän koruja ryhmän.:)

Michelle Fisher@ said...

That is so beautiful-I love the colors!